It is the season of record-breaking chronographs. After a Rolex Daytona Ref. 6239 owned by acting legend Paul Newman sold at a New York auction for a whopping $17.7 million, a rare and early Omega Speedmaster was hammered for $275,508 at an auction in Stockholm.

The watch is in immaculate condition 60 years on

A new world record for this reference (CK 2915-1), the watch was sold at Bukowskis Auction House after the chronograph was found by the owner’s son in a box in the attic of their family home. At the auction, it fetched 2,226,250 Swedish Kroner, which is around $275,508 (AED967,341).

The stainless steel chronograph is a first generation Speedmaster from 1958. Omega launched a trilogy of professional tool watches the year before in 1957 with the Speedmaster, Railmaster and the Seamaster 300. The CK2915-1, initially aimed at motoring enthusiasts, was the first chronograph to place a tachymeter scale on the steel bezel. It was fitted with a black dial and featured the characteristic broad arrow hands seen in the early references.

Imagine finding this in your attic like the seller did

For collectors, what really made this opportunity unique was the original condition of the watch. For example, the unpolished case and original dial, makes it is one of the rarest CK 2915-1 models seen at auction, and certainly one of the most desired.

The watch is powered by the famed Caliber 321, a manual-winding chronograph based on the legendary Lemania 2310 movement. The Speemaster would undergo several changes in the next decade and would famously end up “Flight Qualified by Nasa” for space missions in 1964. A few years later it would end up in the pantheon of horological legends by becoming the first watch on the moon when it was issued to the Apollo II crew in 1969.

The 60th Anniversary Vintage Reissues

To celebrate the trio – the Speedmaster, Railmaster and Seamaster 300 - turning 60 this year, Omega unveiled anniversary editions of each model, which can be acquired separately or as a beautifully presented trio.

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