A bunch of Patek Philippe timepieces – both modern and vintage – that belong to a single owner is being offered for sale by Christie’s in two installments later this year in Hong Kong. According to the auction house, The Titanium and Ruby Collection is “the most valuable single-owner collection of Patek Philippe timepieces ever offered in Asia.”

The collection will be offered across Christie’s Hong Kong July and Autumn auctions. These Pateks have reportedly been assembled by the owner assiduously over two decades and one of the highlights of the July sale include a circa 2003 unique tonneau-shaped titanium self-winding minute repeater annual calendar wristwatch (Ref. 5033) with an estimate of US$800,000-1,500,000.

Patek Philippe Ref. 5033 and Patek Philippe Ref. 3448 minute repeater

In total, there are 16 vintage and modern minute repeaters, ranging from the exceptional vintage reference 2524/1J to the aforementioned Ref. 5033. Other highlights include possibly unique 18K gold Ref. 3448/8 automatic perpetual calendar with moon phase and ruby numerals on the dial. Produced circa 1965, it has an estimate of US$500,000-800,000.

Another heavy-hitter is the venerable Ref. 5002 Sky Moon Tourbillon in platinum. First introduced by Patek Philippe in 2001, this is timepiece with a very limited production run. A double dial wristwatch, it has 12 complications: It includes a perpetual calendar, age of the moon, leap year cycle, day of the week, month, date, flyback, minute repeater, sky chart, moon phases and orbit. The reverse dial shows the progression of the stars and moon from the Northern hemisphere the celestial chart of moon. This particular watch was made in 2006, it has a pre-sale estimate of $1,000,000-1,500,000.

The Patek Ref. 5002 Skymoon Tourbillon and Ref. 2524/1J

Some highly-sought after vintage models include a rare Ref. 2524/1J minute repeater in 18K yellow gold. Reference 2524/1 was launched in 1954 and was made in two versions: one with a small-seconds dial (like the one pictured here) and the repeating slide activated by pushing upwards. The second version one was presented without small-seconds and the repeating activated by pushing downwards. This watch has a pre-sale estimate of $500,000-800,000.

Another vintage highlight is the Ref. 1518 in 18K gold. The historically significant Ref. 1518 is the first perpetual calendar chronograph wristwatch produced in series by any watch company. First unveiled in 1941 it combines a perpetual calendar and a chronograph and is a mark of technical ingenuity that very few watchmakers have mastered. The present watch is from 1950 and has a pre-sale estimate of $350,000-550,000.

Patek Ref. 1518 and Ref. 2499 Perpetual Calendar Chronographs

No conversation about the Ref. 1518 without a reference to its successor, the Ref. 2499. Considered one of the greatest wristwatches ever made, you can read all about this icon here. Christie’s is offering a fourth series 2499 in yellow gold made in 1980 with an estimate of $500,000-800,000.

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