At SIHH 2018, H. Moser & Cie. took a fresh approach to how it displays time with the new Endeavour Flying Hours. Inspired by the planetary systems that led to the birth of modern watchmaking, the watch does a fabulous job of balancing technical ingenuity and the understated style of the Schaffhausen brand.

The watch uses an 18K white gold case

The Endeavour Flying Hours uses an 18K white gold case that is 42 mm wide and 12.3 mm thick. It is fitted with a domed sapphire crystal and a signed screw-in crown. The signature Funky Blue dial features several planetary gears mounted on star wheels: in the center, the main disc in sapphire displays the minutes on a 240° sector; three smaller discs bearing the hour numerals are arranged around it.

Each planetary gear rotates on its own axis, revealing the hour in a display inspired by the original planetary systems. The wide display angle of 240° gives the Endeavour Flying Hours great legibility. The hour discs blend into the main dial. To enhance the mechanism’s legibility, the current hour numeral appears in white, following the minute disc as it completes a revolution before disappearing to be replaced by the next hour.

Every planetary gear rotates on its own axis

The watch is powered by the in-house self-winding C806 movement, a modular development based on the existing HMC 200 caliber. Two years in the making, this movement was developed in association with sister brand Hautlence. It has a power reserve of three days and is equipped with a bi-directional winding system fitted with a solid red gold rotor. The escapement and hairspring are produced in-house by Precision Engineering AG, another sister company of the brand.

Endeavour Flying Hours is fitted with a strap beige kudu leather, the raw finish of the leather is in stark contrast to the beautifully finished case. This is a limited edition of 60 pieces, but don’t reach for your wallet yet – the watch was sold out before the end of the show. The price? $33,850