Apple has unveiled the Apple Watch Series 5, featuring a whole host of new features including an Always-On Retina display and a version in titanium. Apple is also offering customers a chance to customize their watch for the first time.

The Always-On Retina Display means the watch never sleeps

The Always-On Retina display is significant because the watch is never in sleep mode now. You can now tell the time without raising or tapping the display. Apple promises an 18-hour battery life despite having a display that never sleeps. It does this by optimizing each watch face’s brightness — the screen intelligently dims when a user’s wrist is down and returns to full brightness with a raise or a tap. This happens thanks to some clever software and hardware upgrades inclyuding a low-temperature polysilicone and oxide display (LTPO), ultra-low power display driver, a more efficient power management IC chip, and new ambient light sensor.

A built-in compass and updated Maps app means you can use the new Compass app to see heading, incline, latitude, longitude and current elevation. Users can even add one of three new Compass complications to their watch face to see direction at a glance.

News apps include one that tracks menstrual cycles

Users with cellular models of Apple Watch Series 5 are also able to complete international calls to emergency services, regardless of where the device was originally purchased or if the cellular plan has been activated. International emergency calling also works with fall detection, if enabled, to automatically place an emergency call if Apple Watch senses the user has taken a hard fall and remains motionless for about a minute.

Available in titanium and ceramic case versions

Additional health and fitness features come with watchOS 6, including the new Cycle Tracking app, which gives customers the ability to log important information related to menstrual cycles, and see predicted timing for the next period and fertile windows. The Noise app helps users understand the ambient sound levels in environments such as concerts and sporting events that could negatively impact hearing, and Activity Trends on iPhone provides a long-term view of activity patterns to help understand their progress.

Some upgrades for the Hermes version too

There are some new watch faces too including a California dial. The watch is now is available in a wider range of materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, ceramic and an all-new titanium. The Hermès edition introduces several new styles, including an update to last fall’s popular color block band, now in a new Della Cavalleria print, and an all-black version with an exclusive Hermès gradient watch face.

Customers who buy the Series 5 from Apple Stores, and on the Apple Store app have the opportunity to pick their preferred case and band combination for a more personalized experience. Prices start at AED1,599 and the watch is available in two sizes (40 mm and 44 mm).