Just a month after the successful release of a Seiko 5 Sports collection inspired by the video game series Street Fighter V, the Japanese brand references another popular icon of Japanese pop culture. It has now launched a series of seven limited editions inspired by the popular manga series Naruto and sequel Boruto.

The clan symbol of each character appears on the caseback

Each watch references a character from the two series and is limited to 6,500 pieces. All watches have the same basic design – the Seiko 5 Sports case is 42.5 mm wide and 13.4 mm thick – and is depth-rated to 100 meters. All of them run the same movement – the self-winding Caliber 4R36 which has a power reserve of 41 hours. Each watch is presented in a box inspired by the Earth and Heaven Scrolls from the series’ “Chunin Exams”, an evaluation used to test the skills of a junior Ninja. The watches will be priced at around €480 (Approx. AED2,068) Here’s a look at the seven watches:

Naruto (Ref. SRPF70)

Naruto Ref. SRPF70

The hard-worn design of the yellow gold PVD case and bezel represent the titular character’s exhaustive training on his journey to becoming Hokage, the village leader. The bezel insert has his forehead protector engraved with the symbol of his village. His Ninja technique “Rasengan” inspired the spiral pattern of the dial. The nine orange indexes hint at the Nine-Tails sealed in himself while the 12 o’clock position index represents the pendant he inherited from Tsunade, a senior Hokage of his village. The Uzumaki Clan’s emblem is printed on the caseback.

Sasuke Uchiha (Ref. SRPF69)

Sasuke Uchiha Ref. SRPF69

Naruto’s friend and rival, Sasuke Uchiha’s ninja move Jutsu ‘’Chidori’’ is reflected in the dial pattern. The horizontal line on the Hidden Leaf Village symbol on the bezel represents the scar marked on his forehead protector by Naruto, and the watch crown is engraved with the Clan’s unique ‘’Sharingan’’ sign. Uchiha clan’s symbol is again seen on the caseback.

Shikamaru Nara (Ref. SPRF75)

Shimamaru Nara Ref. SRPF75

Shikamaru’s “Shadow Possession Jutsu” inspired the dial of this watch. The black and green color scheme and mesh-like dial ring are consistent with the character’s attire. The indexes are designed in the shape of his favorite Shogi game pieces, and the caseback carries the Nara clan’s symbol.

Rock Lee (SRPF73)

Rock Lee SRPF73

The color combination is reminiscent of Lee’s trademark jumpsuit and leg warmers. The bezel reflects on one side the bandages of his arms and thigh, and on the other, the “The Eight Inner Gates,” of which Lee had managed to open up to the fifth gate to obtain the extraordinary “Hidden Lotus”. The kanji characters meaning “Guts” as found on his heavy ankle weights is seen on the caseback.

Gaara (Ref. SRPF71)

Gaara Ref. SRPF71The brown case and the pressed pattern of the dial are inspired by sand, and the kanji character for ‘’love’’ at the one o’clock position brings Gaara and the One-Tailed sealed inside him to life. The pattern inspired by the mark on his gourd is seen on both the dial ring and caseback.

Boruto (Ref. SRPF65)

Boruto Ref. SRPF65

Inheriting his father Naruto’s Jutsu ‘’Rasengan’’, the dial has the same spiral pattern in black. The color of his costume is reflected in the vivid pink color accents on the strap and seconds hand. The 12 o’clock index is inspired by a bolt as seen in the animation’s logo. The Uzumaki clan’s symbol is printed on the caseback.

Sarada Uchiha (Ref. SRPF67)

Sarada Uchiha Ref. SRPF67

The “Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu” Sarada inherited from her father Sasuke, is expressed in the red gradation dial. The single tomoe mark on the 5 o’clock position indicates she is still a young ninja in training in pursuit of improving her ‘’Sharingan’’. The two-tone bezel is symbolic of how she has inherited both her father Sasuke and her mother Sakura’s characteristics as a Ninja. The Uchiha clan’s symbol is printed on both the bezel and the caseback.