In the somewhat irrational world of watch collectors, it can sometimes be hard to predict what can become valuable or a collectible in the future. Certainly, no one in their right mind even 10 years would have predicted a manually-wound mass produced chronograph from the 1960s would one day fetch in excess of $17 million at an auction (remember Paul Newman’s Paul Newman Daytona?). So it’s with some interest that many in the watch world observe the work of Polish-born artist Marcin Rogal, whose paintings often feature wristwatches prominently. According to Rogal, he lives the by a quote attributed to Picasso, “Everything you can imagine is real.”

A Tudor and a Patek would keep Rogal happy

“I am more of a watch lover than a collector. I own a few timepieces at the moment, some independent and some well-established brands. However, I am looking forward to growing a collection once I finish my priority projects, the first of which is completing the construction of a new art studio in my home. As far as the two-watch agenda goes, my choices are not original, but definitely one of them would be a Tudor Heritage Black Bay. In my opinion it is a versatile and very “down to earth” watch. The second one is still only on my wish list — Patek Philippe 5980/1R-001. I perceive it as the “crown” piece of any watch collection.”

Eds Note: You can read more about Rogal and his work in our interview from March this year.

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