Singer Reimagined, makers of the Track 1 – arguably one of 2017’s hottest chronographs – have now returned with Track 1 Geneva Edition, a cleaner and more exclusive yellow gold version of the original iteration.

Yellow gold and black create a strong contrast here

Singer Reimagined is a new Geneva-based micro brand and is the handiwork of Rob Dickinson, the founder of Singer Vehicle Design, and Marco Borraccino, the former design head of Panerai. The duo shares a deep interest in design and engineering, which include iconic sport-classic chronographs of the late 1960s and 70s.

The 18K yellow gold barrel shaped case has a distinct hue

The Geneva Edition used a rare light yellow shade (1N) 43 mm gold case which features alternating brushed and polished surfaces. Like the original, the retro design codes are a hat-tip to the chronographs made in the 1970s. The dial is now in black and forms a strong contrast with the 18K yellow gold case. The chronograph pushers are located on either side of the case like in a bullhead configuration. The crown is seamlessly integrated into the base band.

The chronograph centre dial/counter has a new layout compared to the Track1 Launch Edition. The dial is more minimalist compared to the original. The script ‘Automatic Chronograph Track1’ is now centered in the lower section of the dial. The chronograph indications and chapter ring have been moved to the outer part the dial, leaving the central area free to give more importance to the Singer logo.

The black dial is cleaner and classier now

Time of the day is displayed in the very unique Singer Reimagined style. A static orange index at 6 o’clock points indicates time via two matte black ceramic turning discs with luminescent golden numerals: the inner disk for the minutes and the outer disk for the hours. The tachymeter scale sits on a golden ring that skirts the minutes disk and brings a pop of color to the black dial.

Singer Reimagined makes their watches complicated but their complexity is hidden within (although still visible through the sapphire caseback). The business end of the Track 1 is a sight to behold - the hidden peripheral rotor of the Agengraphe, created by Jean-Marc Wiederrecht of Agenhor, can trick folks into believing this is a handwound movement. 

The superb Agengraphe movement has a hidden rotor

The Geneva Edition is paired with a soft khaki calf leather strap with screw down rivets matching the color of the case and is fitted with a new dedicated gold folding buckle emblazoned with the brand’s logo integrated into the spring mechanism.

Though this watch is not a numbered edition, the watch will be limited in production thanks to the complexity of the construction. The Geneva Edition is priced at CHF72,000 (about $74,500) excluding VAT and other taxes.