Jaquet Droz has unveiled two exclusive timepieces that pay tribute to the United Arab Emirates. The first one – the Bird Repeater Falcon is a unique one-off piece while the other, the Grande Seconde Moon Limited Edition Dubai is only available to 28 prospective buyers.

The falcon is a national symbol of the UAE

The Bird Repeater Falcon is based on the Bird Repeater launched by Jaquet Droz in 2012 - an automaton wristwatch that pays tribute to the genius of Jaquet Droz as well as the naturalist art that brings many of the brand’s creations to life. This unique UAE edition watch is presented in a 47-mm white gold case and the dial presents a desert scene in mother-of-pearl and yellow and red gold, engraved and painted entirely by hand.

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The falcon has been an integral part of the UAE cultural fabric and has been used by Bedouins for hunting in the desert for over 4,000 years, It has been central to the country’s identity and remains prominent in the UAE’s culture to this day, featuring on national emblems and currency.

The watch is a unique ode to the heritage of UAE

On the dial in the foreground, a pair of falcons tends to two chicks in a hand-engraved and hand-painted red gold nest. When the automaton is activated, one bird bends down to deliver a beakful of food to its baby, while the other spreads its wings. A chick hatches from an egg inside the nest. In the background two falconers – a father and son – in white djellaba robes are seen on the sand dunes.

On the left of the onyx dial, a mother-of-pearl disk hovers over the dunes like a mirage. A painted oasis is barely perceptible, seemingly becoming more distant the closer one approaches, like a real-life mirage. The scene unfolds beneath a mother-of-pearl sky that illuminates the yellow gold sands. The delicate relief of the hand-engraved dunes is spotlighted by a polished finish.

The minute repeater features cathedral gongs

The automaton comes to life to the sound a minute repeater. It can chime the hours, quarter-hours and minutes on demand via the cathedral gongs nestled inside the movement. Activated by a push-piece on the side, the movement is fitted with a wheel regulator so silent that it allows these precious falcons to be heard spreading their wings. The watch is priced at AED1,975,100

Arabic numerals and a bloodstone disc distinguish this model

The Grande Seconde Moon Limited Edition Dubai is based on the Grande Seconde Moon model released during Baselworld 2017. The UAE edition is distinguished by the use of Arabic numerals to depict the hours on a silvery opaline dial with blued hands and the choice of bloodstone, a mineral rarely used in watchmaking, for the stone on which the moon phase is displayed.

The extremely thin disc that houses the moon phase preserves the intensity of the stone’s green color and each of its flecks of red. These two hues – green and red – recall the colors of the UAE flag. The moon itself is made from 22-carat gold moon alongside starry appliques, also crafted from 18-carat white gold.  

The watch has a 68 hour power reserve

Incidentally, bloodstone’s scientific name is heliotrope meaning “turned to the sun” – rather apt here as the moon always faces the sun from the same side. Bloodstone is an intense healing stone used to cleanse and realign the lower chakras with the heart.

The watch is encased in 43 mm stainless steel case and is powered by Caliber 2660QL3, an automatic movement with silicon hairspring and two barrels. It has a 68-hour power reserve with an escapement that beats at 4 Hz (28,800 vph). The watch is limited to 28 pieces and is priced at AED68,000. Both these timepieces are available at the Jaquet Droz boutique at The Dubai Mall.

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