Singer Reimagined, the high-watchmaking company behind the GPHG-Award winning Track 1 chronograph, has finally unveiled their sophomore effort. The latest from the Geneva-based brand is an on-demand chronograph that launches as a limited Prime Edition via a subscription system.

The 43 mm barrel shaped case is 15 mm thick

The Flytrack Prime Edition is a collection of 30 watches presented in three sets – each set of 10 watches will feature one the three calibrated scales seen on chronographs – a tachymeter, a telemeter or a pulsometer. Each Prime Edition has a case made from Grade 5 titanium with a matte micro-blasted finish and hand-polished accents. An 18K gold digit hand-applied on the case indicates the number of the Prime Edition. The regular Flytrack chronograph production models that follow will be made in stainless steel.

A pusher at 2 activates the chronograph and zero-reset

While the Track 1 was a single stem chronograph that eliminated the need for separate chronograph counters, the Flytrack is a (relatively) simpler watch. It appears to be a “time only” watch with Singer’s signature peripheral hours disc indication and a central minute and sweeping seconds hand. But thanks to a proprietary new movement developed (again) by specialists Agenhor, the running seconds hand can be turned into a chronograph seconds hand to measure short intervals of time via a pusher seen at 2 o’ clock. On activating the pusher, the central seconds hand snaps back to the 12 o’ clock position and remains there as long as the pusher remains pressed. On release the “now” chronograph seconds hand starts doing its thing. This reduces reaction delays as there is no time lost between the act of pushing down and the actual start of an event. The user can also accurately sync time with a reference timepiece using the same method.

In a sense, this watch combines the characteristics of two timepieces that have come before. Patek Philippe’s multi-scale chronograph produced for the brand’s 175th anniversary shunned the minutes and hours sub-dials for three calibrated scales – the pulsometer, tachymeter, and telemeter. The other watch is A. Lange & Söhne’s Richard Lange Refrenzuhr from 2010. Here, actuating the push piece at 2 o’clock instantly reset the seconds hand to zero, where it remained so long as the push piece stayed depressed even as the movement kept running. This was thanks to a vertical clutch that reengaged when the push piece was released, restarting the seconds hand instantly. This mechanism allowed users to set time accurately and was based on a system developed by Dresden watchmaker Johann Heinrich Seyffert in the 19th century.

The Singer Flytrack Prime Edition Tachymeter

The Flytrack retains the characteristic Seventies-inspired retro barrel-shaped 43 mm case of the Track 1. The case is depth-rated to 100 meters, is fitted with a sapphire crystal caseback and has a case profile of 15 mm. As mentioned earlier, Singer offers the Flytrack with three dial options that hark back to the chronograph’s utility functions – a pulsometer scale used by doctors to measure a patient’s heart rate, a telemeter used to measure distance, and a tachymeter that can measure speed.

The Tachymeter Prime Edition has a matt black dial with a triple tachymetric scale (allowing measurement of average speeds from 20 to 300 kmh), a circular-brushed silver rehaut with black index markings for easy reading. The hour disc is made of black matt ceramic and has an orange luminescent arrow to indicate the hour. This watch is fitted with a black calf-leather rally-style strap with orange stitching and a titanium pin buckle.

The Pulsometer Prime Edition

The Pulsometer Prime Edition has a striking matte tobacco brown with the pulsometer scale (calibrated to 15 beats) printed in beige. A circular-brushed golden rehaut has the minutes index printed in black and the black matte ceramic hour disc has a beige luminescent arrow. This watch is paired with a brown camel leather strap, with orange stitching and a titanium pin buckle.

The Telemeter Prime Edition

The Telemeter Prime Edition again has a matt black dial with the telemeter scale printed in luminescent green. This green is also used for the minutes index printed on a circular brushed black rehaut. This edition is paired with a black textile strap with green stitching and a titanium pin buckle.

The watch is powered Flytrack Caliber AG6364, developed in association with Agenhor. Though it shares its DNA with the award-winning Agengraphe movement of the Track 1, this is a completely new movement. A manual-winding movement made up of 314 components, it has a power reserve of 55 hours.  

The manual-winding Caliber AG6364

Only 10 watches, for each of the three different styles, will be ever produced as part of the Flytrack Prime Collection. The watch is being offered via a subscription system through the brand’s website; potential owners have to pay up the amount (CHF26,500) upfront and the watches will be available will be delivered in April 2021.