DeBethune has used remnants of a ferrous meteorite on the dial of a unique one-off watch, DB28 Kind of Blue Tourbillon Meteorite. What’s unique about this watch is that it uses a matching blued titanium case and a blued meteorite dial.

The stunning dial represents a star-studded night sky.

Watchmakers have been using meteorite in the creation of their watches for a while now. Brands like Omega, Rolex, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Parmigiani have all produced watches with meteorite dials in the past. DeBethune even produced a watch, the Dream Watch 5, which used a case milled from a meteorite that was sourced from the Campo del Cielo. The remnants of this meteorite have been used on the DB28 as well.

Campo del Cielo or ‘Field of Heaven’ is a massive crater about 1,000km northwest of Buenos Aires in Argentina that is the site where a huge iron meteorite landed 4,000-5,000 years ago. It was discovered in 1576 and is believed to be the largest meteorite ever found on earth.

A thin slice is cut off the meteorite to create the dial. It is then subject to intense heat and since the meteorite is rich in iron content, this turns the disc a shade of deep blue. It’s not dissimilar from the practice of blued screws and hands used in haute horology timepieces.

The watch uses a high-beat movement and an ultra-light tourbillon.

The disc is then polished before tiny spheres of white gold are fixed on the dial. These gold spheres are meant to represent the stars in a night sky. The deep blue of the dial forms a beautiful contrast with the pink gold hands and the arrowhead-shaped hour markers that sit on a blued titanium ring. The overall effect is rather striking – the dial does look like it represents a star-studded night sky.  A ultra-light 30-second tourbillon made with titanium and silicon is also visible at 6 o’ clock.

This watch uses a 42.6 mm blued Grade 5 Titanium case and features the brand’s characteristic floating titanium lugs. It is paired with a black alligator leather strap. It features the brand’s in-house Caliber DB2019v3, a high-beat manual-wound movement silicon escape wheel encircled with a white gold ring, balance-spring with flat terminal curve.