The inspiration of the new MB&F Horological Machine 6 Alien Nation is easy to understand, the aliens depicted in pop culture. Alien Nation follows in the path of the first two watches in the HM6 series - the Space Pirate launched in 2014 and Sapphire Vision unveiled last year, both unmanned vehicles.

It takes 34 hours to sculpt each alien on this ship

The early HM6 with its distinct biomorphic curves and brushed metal was inspired by the bulbous spaceship used in the Japanese anime TV series Capitaine Flam. HM6 Alien Nation has six alien inhabitants that are involve in various tasks around the timepiece - fixing turbines, adjusting the gears, hand on throttle, scanning the space ahead. Each of the six aliens is individually modelled and hand-sculpted in white gold by engraver Olivier Kuhn. The arms and necks of the aliens are finer than grains of sand, each alien requiring up to 34 hours to complete.

Like the Sapphire Version, HM6 Alien Nation is completely transparent, being formed entirely of sapphire crystal with reinforcing elements in Grade-5 titanium. It uses 12 separate blocks of sapphire crystal that requires up to 510 hours of machining and polishing.

These guys are sculpted from white gold

The watch is powered by the same HM6 engine that was used in the first two watches. A highly complex movement, it is made up of 496 finely-finished components. The highlight of this movement is a 60-second flying tourbillon with retractable shield that sits in the middle. The mechanism drives twin hour and minute domes rotating perpendicularly to the movement. Regulating turbines are coupled to the winding rotor.

The extreme transparency of the case is highlighted by carefully placed bands of AGT (Ambient Glow Technology) luminous material. Super-Luminova is used in the smaller areas that required more precise application like the upper surfaces of the turbine fins, dial markings, friction wheel, the MB&F logo and the upper tourbillon cage.

The HM6 engine is made up 496 components

There will be four unique pieces of HM6 Alien Nation, differentiated by their accent colours: green, blue, purple and turquoise. To recap, there were 68 pieces of HM6 Space Pirate (50 in titanium and 18 in red gold/titanium) and 20 pieces of HM6 Sapphire Vision (10 each in red gold and platinum). And with just four Alien Nation models, it justifies the $500,000 price tag. Don’t reach out for your cheque book just yet, it is learnt that they have all already been spoken for.

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