In this fast-paced life, one must often pause and take stock — not just of the timepieces one has acquired — but also the stories behind each of them and what makes them truly special. While all the watches I own must have usability and functionality, I strongly believe that each must primarily echo my personality and what I stand for.

As a young lad, I inherited my fascination for mechanical clocks, pocket watches, and wristwatches from my father. Fortunately, not only has this passion grown within me over the years, it now seems to have found a place in both my children’s hearts as well. Therefore, barring my legendary circa 1960’s JLC Atmos Clock, here are my two choices: 

Omega Seamaster Chronometer:

This Omega has been in the family now for three generations

Originally purchased by my grandfather in the year 1956 (as seen in the well-preserved guarantee card) this was later given as a wedding gift to my father. Through my childhood, I vividly recall this watch on my father’s wrist, till he chose me to inherit it.

The watch was bought in 1956 in Calicut

I wear this watch for drawing strength from my forefathers and strongly believe this classic has many more human generations of healthy horological life remaining. Fitted with the original bracelet, it is powered by a healthy Cal. 354 bumper movement. It finds place on my wrist at least once every week, other than on very important decision-making days of my life when I definitely wear it.

Rolex Oyster Datejust 36 mm 116201:

This was my grail watch till 10 years ago. It was gifted to me on my 40th birthday by my wife, who bought it then with her lifetime savings as a school teacher. While the Omega was handed down to me as a third-generation user, this Rolex will also be inherited and proudly used by my progeny but till then, it will remain my go-to.

The Rolex was a gift on his 40th birthday

It is well known that Omega has a longer-established history than Rolex and circa 1940’s both started to make meaningful breakthroughs in their respective line-ups as Omega launched the Seamaster and Rolex the Datejust. Both models were further built-on during the 1950’s and 1960’s, an era which is considered as the golden age for both these iconic watchmakers. Are my choices then a sheer coincidence?

- Sriram Peruvamba is a Dubai-based collector